Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still Buzzing

I just wanted to give a huge thank you to the performers in last night's Nosedive Disturbing Burlesque — Bastard Keith, Nasty Canasta, Madame Rosebud, Marlo Marquise and Sapphire Jones — and everyone who came out to attend. This was one of our most successful fundraisers in years, and it was a whole hell of a lot of fun to boot. Ladies, you brought the sexy and creepy. Keith, you brought the laughs and inappropriate hugs.

Seriously, guys, this was great. Thank you so much. I'm still buzzing. We may do something like this again in the not-too-distant future.

The whole evening was set up to raise money for our upcoming play, Infectious Opportunity, a show about how one can use HIV/AIDS to one's advantage. Yes, we're going there. We are Nosedive, after all. It was really only a matter of time.

Anyway, we'll be making an announcement soon about the future of this latest Nosedive caper very, very soon.

Using Nudity to Finance an AIDS Comedy,

James "Despicable Human Being" Comtois

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Anonymous Gregg Morris said...

Sorry, I missed the show.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous the WORD said...

Oops, one more time: I didn't make it but I did add you url to the hunterword blog at

9:02 PM  

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