Monday, September 28, 2009

Bailin' You Out and Pumpin' You Up

Hey, gang. I hope the weekend treated you well and that your friends managed to bail you out of the Drunk Tank in time for you to show up to work.

Ah, Mondays.

Tonight is our first reading of the scripts for The Blood Brothers Present…The New Guignol with the entire cast, which I'm pretty pumped up to hear. I think we got a damn fine lineup of scripts, actors and directors for this round of scawynes, and am excited to get this party started.

Before then, we've still got this in store for everyone in a couple of weeks.

Watching the first series of episodes was such fun, I have a sneaking suspicion this next batch will also be pretty righteous. We've got the delightful and multi-talented Mr. Adam Swiderski helming the second episode of Entrenched, which further chronicles the trials and tribulations of Private Paul Bryan and Private Edward Benjamin (played by Bryan Enk and Ben VandenBoom, respectively) as they try to escape the war-torn trenches of France.

In addition, before we get to either The Saturday Night Saloon and the next Blood Brothers show, as has often been the case with gearing up for the annual horror anthology (though let's face it, I've been doing them whenever I damn well please), in October, I’ll be writing a few more entries on horror films that I find noteworthy.

Until then, enjoy your Monday, and try to clean the dried hooker vomit off the corner of your mouth. Your boss may start to suspect something's up.

Footloose and pants-free,

James "Easy-Breezy" Comtois

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