Monday, September 14, 2009

The Week Ahead

The first round of episodes from the third season of The Saturday Night Saloon has come and gone and was, as always, a blast. I really enjoyed all the other shows in the series and am pumped to continue presenting our World War I time travel serial, Entrenched. Pete taped the show so, with some luck, it should be posted online in the not-too-distant future.

I always thoroughly enjoy myself at these Saloons. For me, they simultaneously serve as summer camp reunions, vacation and boot camp, as well as a running reminder of why I dig and do theatre. I love seeing how folks (as well as figuring out ourselves how to) "MacGuyver it up" with limited resources, time and space to put on a series of very fun shows over the course of five months.

Plus, I think learning how to write episodic plays in a short period of time has helped improve my writing. At least, I think it has. I dunno. I may be the worst person to judge this. But anyway, writing these serials has made story structure less difficult for me when writing Nosedive's mainstage shows.

So yeah: a whole lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

However, with preparations and rehearsals for the second episode of Entrenched still being a few weeks away, that means onto other stuff to keep us folks over at Nosedive Central occupied in the meantime.

Currently, we're amid auditions for The Blood Brothers Present...The New Guignol. The directors auditioned the first batch last night, and are prepping for round two tonight (with callbacks for tomorrow). Currently, I'm finishing up the second draft of The Little One so the crew can read it aloud next week, which will help me figure out how to shape up the script for its third draft.

Later this week I also hope to write some of my thoughts on The Brokenhearteds, which I saw and enjoyed on Friday.

Wikki wikki waaaah,

James "Sentient Spore" Comtois

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