Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Getting Entrenched in Rehearsals (See What I Did There?)

That's right. The Shameless Self-Promotion Train Stops for no one. All a-fucking-board.

We're underway with rehearsals for the second episode of Entrenched for the Saloon this Saturday, and I for one am quite pleased with how it's shaping up.

Mr. Adam Swiderski has taken over the directorial reigns for this episode and I must say, he is doing an absolutely smashing job with it. He has a really cool vision for this part of the series that complements the script quite well and has a great feel for the tone and style. I'm really glad he's on board.

The cast, which includes Ben VandenBoom, Bryan Enk and Peter Brown (whom you may remember played Joseph Pulitzer in Mr. Enk and Matt Gray's seminal Penny Dreadful series), is also bringing some top shelf awesome sauce. I'm definitely looking forward to showing this to people.

The previous episode was our pilot episode, which more or less introduces the main characters and the series' premise, but not much more. This is the episode where we get a little more information about time travel works in this world, so I'm curious to see how it plays out. It's not quite the Back to the Future or Dr. Who line of thought with time travel, nor is it the "many worlds" philosophy or even the "singular timeline" theory of time travel.

It's...its own thing. You'll see.

Entrenched goes up this Saturday along with five other rocktacular serial plays by five other chestelicious writers at the Vampire Cowboys' Battle Ranch, starting at 8 p.m.

Admission is, of course, free, but, hey. If you wanna give 'em five bucks to drink all night, I don't think I or anyone else is a-gonna stop you.

Not telling you how to live your life,

James "Come to the Saloon This Saturday or Die*" Comtois

*Yes, that's a nickname. Just like chestelicious is a real word. What do you know? That's right: not a goddamn thing. Shut up.

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