Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Saloon On Its Way

We're now amidst rehearsals for the third episode of our World War I/time travel serial, Entrenched, for the impending Saturday Night Saloon. Penny Dreadful co-creator Matt Gray is helming this episode and, along with the cast, is bringing the awesome sauce and doing a damn fine job. I'm super excited to be showing this to folks.

Speaking of the Saloon, it looks as though I'll be in Piper McKenzie's serial, Lady Cryptozoologist, filling in for series regulars, Roger Nasser and Aaron Baker, respectively. So even more reason to check out this Saturday's Saloon.

(Like you didn't already have many, many reasons to check it out already.)

And I've mentioned before this night is free, right?

Oh, wait. it says so right on the flyer. Duh.

Scramblin' through time,

James "Time Waster Traveler" Comtois

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