Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Discount Tickets/Afterparty for Vampire Cowboys' Agent G March 31st

Hey, gang. Little Jimmy Comtois here, ready to let you in on some cross-promotional goodness between the Vampire Cowboys and the folks at Nosedive Central. Basically, it's a fundraising event that will wind up saving you money. For reals.

For those of you who have yet to buy tickets for Vampire Cowboys' latest, The Inexplicable Redemption of Agent G, we're offering discounted ($15) tickets to the Thursday, March 31st show.

You can take advantage by clicking here.

And after the show, libations and refreshments (read: beer, snacks and Jell-O shots) will be served.

A portion of these discounted ticket sales will go to Nosedive Productions.

So. To recap:

You get to see an awesome show for less money.

You get free drinks afterwards.

Vampire Cowboys gets an awesome audience (yes, that means you).

Nosedive makes some money for its 11th season.

Everyone. Freakin. Wins.

So see you there at The Inexplicable Redemption of Agent G on March 31!

Loving you always,

James "Purr Machine" Comtois

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