Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Closing Down The Year, Seeing Short Shows

I've definitely wanted to add to this entry that Isaac wrote (on top of our private talk about this issue), but of course (as you all are all-too-aware), my brain has not allowed me to write any blog entries longer than 300 words. Perhaps in January I'll be able to expand on the subject and offer my angle, ideas and prejudices on the subject. In the meanwhile, I suggest you read it and Leonard Jacobs' excellent response here.

This past weekend, after performing episode three of Pinkie at Vampire Cowboys' Saturday Night Saloon (where I defended my title as Paraphrase King), I attended the Monarch Theater’s One-Minute Play Festival at the Brick Theater, which featured plays written by (including many, many others) Mac Rogers, Qui Nguyen, Adam Szymkowicz, Trav S.D., Mike Daisey, Clay McLeod Chapman, Ashlin Halfnight, Jason Grote and Yours Truly, directed by (among others) Isaac Butler and Brick co-founder Michael Gardner, and featuring (again, among many others) Nosedive vets Anna Kull and Michael Criscuolo.

Although the evening treaded closely to Theatre Overload (there were nearly 90 plays on the bill), it was a very fun time. I was very pleased with how my play, "Relationships," turned out. (Mac, who was in attendance, asked if the tissue-eating was in the script. I told him it most certainly was.)

And the good thing about plays that last only a minute: if they suck, you only have to sit through them for a few seconds before they’re over.

Anyway, as you probably all know, our version of Dickens' immortal classic opens tomorrow night at 11 p.m. at the Red Room. We'll be serving eggnog and making you laugh.

Hope to see you soon.

Your elf,

James "Stocking Stuffer" Comtois

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