Thursday, August 28, 2008

Revvin' the Engines

We're locking down the cast for The Blood Brothers Present...The Master of Horror and waiting for King's people to approve the press release, so once both of those things are confirmed, we'll be releasing both.

I'm heading off to Maine yet again for Labor Day weekend to attend my cousin Vance's wedding and returning just in time to start rehearsals for the pilot episode of Speed Demons, Nosedive's contribution to Vampire Cowboys' Saturday Night Saloon, which opens Saturday, September 6.

Speed Demons is my attempt to combine the 1960s Go-Go Road Trip movie with the Faustian tragedy. Or, to be more prosaic, it's about a greaser driving cross-country in his hot rod while the devil chases after him in his jalopy. It should be a fun time.

In addition to Speed Demons featuring Christopher Yustin, Leah Carrell and Daryl Lathon, as was the case with last year's serial, Pinkie, I'll be acting in this one as well. This time, however, I will not be the lead (to be blunt, I'm too damn old and chubby to be a hot young greaser, thank you very much).

Your soda poop,

James "Fizzyshits" Comtois

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